Other Things Occupying My Time

Punch needle

Jigsaw puzzles

Baking pandan bread

Pilates workouts

Walks by the harbour

Rachel Lee © 2020

I’m always looking for new ways to expand my skillset, satisfy my curiousities and try new things. Recently, I have taken interest in calligraphy , looking for letterforms in the built environment , and creating tools for hope .

With the deluge of negative media surrounding COVID-19 appearing on our social feeds, it is easy to feel despondent, uninspired and weary. Hope Browser is an interactive web project aims to deliver 'bright spots' to you every day. This site is a space where we celebrate community resilience, flexibility, and creativity, and above all, prove that there is a lot to be hopeful for.

Visit the live website ↗

A print specimen of found type that celebrates the whimsical and theatrical quality of dynamic letterforms.

Recently I have been practicing more calligraphy and transcribing delightful words.

A small collection of interactive experiments coded using p5.js, a Javascript library.